The Choreographers

Sharon Eyal Is a leading voice and one of the greatest choreographers in israel and in the world. She assumed the role of house 

choreographer of the Batsheva dance company for many years. today she's creating along side with her partner Gai Behar for their own company L-E-V. They also created works for many dance companies in the world: Carte Blanche, Hubbard Street, NDT2 and more. works: "Bill", Bertolina, Killer Pig, House, Love and more.



Yasmeen Godder is a very unique choreographer in israel and in the world.

Her works have regularly been presented at the Suzanne Dallal Dance Center 

in Tel Aviv, and extensively throughout the world: "Lincoln Center Festival" in New York, Tokyo International Festival, "Hebbel Am Ufer" in Berlin, the Place Theater in London, "Montpellier Dance Festival" in France," Kunstenfestdesarts "in Brussels, the Sydney Opera House and many more. Repertoire : I'm mean, I am. Love fire, Singular sensation, The toxic exotic and more.


Inbal pinto is the artistic director of her company along side 

with her partner Avshalom Pollak. Together they have been involved in a variety of artistic endeavors - mainly the creation, direction, choreography and design of unique, award-winning, dance performances for their company of 12 dancer-actors based in Suzanne Dellal centre in Tel Aviv. Their work has been presented and acclaimed in Israel and in many other countries around the world. repertoire: Oyster, Hydra , Toros and more.



LUC JACOBS  is an brilliant  independent choreographer. Luc has choreographed for the “Batsheva” dancers Through the years.”To me, dance is no purely something we do, it is ultimately what we are.

Therefore I consider dance to be a means of investigation into ... and a celebration of ... the human experience.I want to quote Bonnie Bainbridge by saying:‘Movement is our first language. Dance is the poetry of that language.’

Shahar Biniamini Is an amazing Israeli performer and choreographer He Danced in the Batsheva dance Company. During those years Shahar began his activity as gaga teacher . Today, as an independent dancer and artist, he creates choreographies for theaters and companies: Frontier Dancland Company in Singapore, Gauthier dance in Stuttgart, Ate9 dance company in LA  and D.I.N in Sweden, as well as videos installations and sculptures which he presents in theaters, museums and galleries in Israel and abroad.

Oded Graff & Yossi Berg Started collaborating in 2005. this due creates and performs both is israel and worldwide. their choreography has garnered them numerous honors and their creations won first prizes in international choreography competitions. The repertoire: "Animal Lost" "Four men", "Black Fairytale" and many more. Yossi and Oded offers a new approach  to look and explore theater-dance in a different more unique way. they will lead three sessions.‬

Noa Zuk is a choreographer and dancer. She spent 12 years as a dancer with Batsheva Dance Company. As a choreographer, her work was presented in the US, Israel, China, Switzerland, Poland , Denemark and among other places. Zuk's work was commisioned by companies such as Ballet Bern (Switzerland), Repertoire Dance Theatre (Salt Lake City, Utah), Groundworks Dance Thetre (Cleveland, Ohio) , Frontier Danceland (Singapore) and Batsheva Ensemble.

Hillel Kogan ia a Choreagrapher and dancer . Along his dancing career as dancer in Batsheva Ensemble, with the Swiss group Nomades, and with the Gulbenkian Ballet in Portugal, he created for dance companies and festivals in Israel and abroad. Hillel is assistant to choreographer Ohad Naharin, and a rehearsal director at Batsheva Dance Copmpany. He collaborates as a performer, as well as co-creator and dramaturge, with Isreali choreographers such as Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Renana Raz and many more.

ANDREA COSTANZO MARTINI is a talented dancer and Choreographer, In his career he was dancing in some main companies: Batsheva dance company, Cullberg Ballet, Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak dance company. As a creator he was awarded first prize for both dance and choreography at the International Stuttgart solo competition for his Solo : “What happened in Torino”

Photography by: Gadi Dagon.

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